One time setup. Free funding and redeeming forever.

Create a Digital Asset Cache™ (DAC)
One time setup fee to create a DAC that can hold up to $100,000 CAD worth of digital currencies.
$250 CAD
Fund your DAC
You can transfer your existing digital currencies to your DAC, or send us CAD or USD, and we’ll do it for you. Free of charge, regardless of payment method.
Top up your DAC
Add digital currency in your DAC as many times as you want. Minimum $1,000 CAD.
Redeem in digital currency
Give us your public addresses and we’ll withdraw your digital currencies within a business day, or securely ship you a paper wallet.
Redeem in fiat currency
Give us your bank account info, and we’ll send you CAD or USD within 2-5 business days.
Cold Storage Fees*
*charged monthly, computed daily.
First $10,000 CAD
3% per year
Next $40,000 CAD
2% per year
Next $50,000 CAD
1.2% per year
Accounts above $100,000 CAD qualify for Balance Custody pricing at 0.25%/year or less.
Payment Options
INTERAC e-Transfer
(within 24h)
Maximum of $10,000 CAD per 24h period, potentially split over multiple transfers.
Wire Transfer
(1-2 business days)
Maximum of $250,000 CAD per 24h period. The sender name must match the account holder name.
Bank Draft
(1-2 business days)
Maximum of $7,500 CAD per 24h period. Must be made payable to the company and deposited in person at a bank we support.
Digital Currency
We accept BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, ETC, LTC, BCH, and DASH.
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